Keiko Nishimoto

Kyoto University


Keiko Nishimoto, CMP, MBA, has 18 years of professional experience in meeting management, and is now a PhD candidate at Kyoto University Graduate School of Management. Keiko is well known for her risk management skills. She serves as a deputy chair of International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) Asia Pacific chapter (2016-2017, 2018-2019).

Lecture title

Risk Management in Meeting Industry: Case Study of Triple Disasters 2011 in Japan


The value of international association meetings has often been explained as the economic impact, while there are other important benefits such as politic effects, socio-cultural effects and tourism effects. The author is now working to establish the evaluation model on overall value of international association meetings to the destination, not limited to the economic effects. The purpose of this study is to help destination marketing organizations (DMOs) to demonstrate the value of meetings, when they try to obtain supports from various stakeholders. As a part of the research,  a case study will be presented when Japan’s inbound tourism was severely struck by triple disasters in 2011. This case study clarifies that the international meetings are insusceptible by external factors when comparing with general tourism, and has potential to be game changers in such critical situation.