Welcome Letter

Dear Friends and Colleagues

Living in the era of global terrorism, global warming, global epidemics and other rapid changes, a growing number of leading destinations find themselves facing a tourism crisis. Just in recent years, tourism destinations such a London, Barcelona, Manchester, Paris, Nice, Berlin, Brussels, Istanbul, Stockholm, Sharm El Sheikh, Nairobi, Bombay, and Jerusalem have all witnessed the impact of terror. In the contemporary tourism arena, facing a crisis is not a question of "IF?" but a question of "WHEN?" and "how prepared will we be?". In addition, international news channels and social media platforms can turn minor incidents into full-scale crisis, creating long-term impacts on the destination's image, attractiveness and revenues.

In these turbulent times, the International Tourism Security Summit will provide its participants with practical knowledge and critical know-hows for preparing, mitigating, managing and recovering from tourism crises. During the 2-days summit, the program will focus on the newest and most effective keys to security, crisis management and resilience marketing in the tourism industry. That to include a professional outlook on global terrorism and tourism, crisis management innovation and technology, social media marketing and tourism recovery marketing, cyberterrorism in the tourism industry, and powerful insights from around the world. 

Why Jerusalem?

Crisis management should be learned where it's being practiced.

In the last decades, Jerusalem has experienced numerous incidents of terror and conflict, while maintaining its global position as an exciting tourist destination. Jerusalem is the bustling capital of Israel, a place where old and new meets, a hi-tech hub which holds remaining of ancient kingdoms, a city in which Christianity, Islam and Judaism are being practiced side by side, a tourist destination that attracts millions of visitors every year, and in which tourism safety and security is a day-to-day ongoing business.

In the streets of Jerusalem, the summit participants will be able to witness how safety and security measures are being practiced in its highest levels, how security challenges are being tackled and solved on a regular basis, get to know cutting-edge technological solutions, and learn from the global experience of the summit's speakers, exhibitors and participants. 

We are looking forward to seeing you in Jerusalem on October 2018.

ITSS Organizing Committee

The Israeli Ministry of Tourism
Jerusalem Development Authority
Israel Incoming Tour Operators Association