Merav Borenstein

VP Strategy and InnovationBuzzilla


Merav Borenstein is Vp Strategy and Innovation in Buzzilla.  Buzzilla is a listening company- scanning the social networks, monitoring and conducting research based on the data gathered from the social networks.  During the last 10 years listening research has grown both in volume and significance and is now a significant part in the way companies learn about their customers. The most important element in listening research is the fact that no questions are being asked. We learn from what people say voluntarily, as part of their daily behavior.

Merav has an MBA from the Tel Aviv University. As Vp Strategy she is responsible for all research conducted by Buzzilla, including developing methodologies to fit various research goals or industries. She is also responsible for innovation, looking for ways to implement new technologies like Artificial Intelligence and ML into the Buzzilla system.

Lecture title

Virtual and Actual Crises in Tourism – Identifying, Prevention and Handling​


In June 2017 a terror attack took place near the London Bridge.

Immediately afterwards the social networks were filled with discussions dealing with the safety of traveling to London.

We can see the rapid decrease in the chatter volume regarding the safety of traveling to London. But is the effect really short termed?

Checking the word cloud associated with the London terror attack we can find references to the Manchester terror attack' that took place less than a month before.

How can we deal with this?