Amir Halevi

Director GeneralIsrael Ministry of Tourism


Amir Halevi is a Law graduate (LLB) from Bar Ilan University, and has a BA in Geography from Tel Aviv University.

Born in Jerusalem as the 15th generation of his family in the city, Mr. Halevi now resides in Tel-Aviv. In recent years he established ARTTIC Israel, a branch of the European provider of management services for international collaborative R&D projects. He headed Halevi Dweck Ltd, from the Grant Thornton Israel group that specializes in project consultancy and management in the private and public sector. 

Halevi served as council member in the Tel Aviv city council (1993-2003). During this time he served as chairman of several committees, among them, the Acquisitions & Communications, Finance, and Planning & Construction. Between 2001 and 2003 he served as Deputy Mayor. Among the many projects he was involved in, he prides himself especially with the cycling project in Tel Aviv that he initiated. Until recently, Halevi served as the director of companies in the private and public sector and as chairman of the National Sports Center in Tel Aviv. 

Halevi is married and the father of 3 children.


Managing Tourism in a Turbulent Era: The Case of Israel